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Parents have said...

"Our son is in year 7 and has been getting weekly tutoring in maths and has gone from below standard to at standard in one term.  We have now added writing this term.  He has gone from not enjoying maths and writing at all to believing he can do it."

"Our daughter is dyslexic and is currently in year 4.  She has been receiving twice weekly tutoring since the beginning of the year.  We have noticed an amazing difference in her.  She was having a really difficult time at school with teachers who didn't understand dyslexia and lost a lot of confidence.  Seeing Julie twice a week stopped her from giving up and gave her the confidence to see she could do it.  This term she has gone up three reading levels already and has found a real love of reading."

"She is trying to use her sound knowledge to work out unknown words in text and is definitely more confident overall. She sat down and wrote 3 stories the other day at home which has NEVER happened before."

"But what we have noticed is that she has really found a renewed love for it - and she now reads every night.  She’s also started reading several different authors as well which is something that she is also enjoying.


Confidence wise, whilst she still finds spelling a bit tricky, she has regained a level of confidence around the subject and continues to try her heart out and not get despondent."  

Thanks so much Julie! You have been the best thing that has happened to his schooling life so far! What a massive difference we have seen all thanks to you and your passion and insight. I will never be able to thank you enough xxx

"I got my exam results today and I got a Merit on the MCAT which means I can do calculus next year! Thank you so so much for tutoring me as I probably wouldn't have passed without your help."

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